Frequently Asked Questions

The Perks Program is a valuable tool that members use to redeem discounts at thousands of business locations across the country. Members can search by city, state, and zip code for discounts either locally or when traveling. Discounts can be obtained through the following ways: in-store at the time of purchase; online by making purchases through a link; via an 800 number using a value code; or through downloadable coupons.
We do all the work! Just fill out a short form that will help us to understand more about your needs. The form will ask you to provide your employees' zip codes as well as the markets where you would like to see discounts available. We will arrange for discounts on products/services in those specific areas.
Perks staffs a toll-free call center with our own employees who are seasoned professionals. Your users/employees may call them at 1-866-671-3322 M-F, 8am-6pm CST
Yes, your Perks program can include voluntary benefits. We can show you a way to offer the Perks at an advantaged rate with discounts on Auto, Home, Critical Care, Pet, Legal and more. The Perks Program administers voluntary benefits programs for millions of employees and association members throughout the United States.

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